Programmheft 2014 - page 169

Akademie Salem im Max Weber-Programm Bayern
Arbeitsgruppe 4
The Economics of Art: Quantifying Beauty and
its Production
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christiane Hellmanzik
Fachbereich Volkswirtschaftslehre, Universität Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Hans vanMiegroet
Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies,
Duke University, USA
Studierende aller Fachrichtungen
This workshop lies at the intersection of economics, art history and visual studies. Thus
we will use a broad toolbox of the social studies and explore several topics which lie at this
Picasso and Warhol are two of the most widely known figures in the art world. But how
do we know who is a real superstar in the field of the arts? And what does the career of
a creative genius look like? Which environments are conducive for creative production?
Moreover, what does the art market tell us about paintings and their authors? And how is
art perceived and valued by the consumer?
Underlying all of these areas is one main question: how can data help us to obtain a better
understanding of our cultural history and creative production in particular?
To answer these questions we are going to introduce state of the art techniques of our
research areas – such as hedonic regressions and mapping. Most importantly, we envision
this workshop to be a conversation between academics from various backgrounds in order
to obtain new and diverse insights.
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