Programmheft 2014 - page 132

Akademie Greifswald
Arbeitsgruppe 5
Building Peace, Building States – A Liberal Agenda?
Tina Blohm
Michael Leifer Scholar, London School of Economics,
former UN Political Affairs Officer, UN Mission to Afghanistan
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Since the end of the cold war, attempts to sustainably end conflicts and build peace ha-
ve been manifold. Yet, there is a growing realisation of the limits to what outside actors
can achieve in conflict-prone contexts. As importantly, interventions to build peace and
strengthen the state are increasingly perceived as a threat to national sovereignty by host
countries and new emerging powers. Finally, many controversies among academics and
practitioners focus on the liberal nature of these endeavours: the promotion of democra-
cy, market-based economic reforms, and key institutions as a driving force to build peace.
In this seminar, we want to first take a close look at the agenda: What is peacebuilding,
what is statebuilding and what is liberal about it? What are inherent dilemmas – for ex-
ample when it comes to holding first rounds of elections? Have we moved away from ‘one
size fits all’ to being context-sensitive? What causes local resistance to peace- and state-
building? And how can local ownership be achieved? In a second step, we then examine
approaches, developments and shifts by looking at various actors in four specific contexts:
the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Libya, and Burundi.
Participants are key to the success of this seminar, as they will prepare and present in-
puts on specific topics. Secondly, we will welcome guest lecturers, who have either worked
in these contexts or analysed them. Lastly, documentary films will further stimulate our
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