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Electronic Structure of Functional Materials

Among transition metal or lanthanide compounds many materials with exotic electronic pro-

perties are found: metal-insulator transitions, thermochromic, electrochromic, or exotic die-

lectric properties make such materials good candidates for applications. At the same time,

the theoretical description of their electronic properties – a topic of intense current research

– requires advanced theoretical tools ranging from density functional theory to field theory


In this working group, we will discuss the electronic properties of selected materials, along

with the concepts underlying some of the most important phenomena. Excellent knowledge

of quantum mechanics and statistical physics is therefore a prerequisite. Students should

also enjoy reading articles from the original literature in order to obtain a qualitative picture of

material properties just as much as formal mathematical manipulations. Exploring the limits

of our theoretical understanding of solid state physics – despite decades of research – is part

of the working group, too.

Prof. Dr. Silke Biermann

Centre de Physique Théorique, École polytechnique Palaiseau / Frankreich

Studierende der Physik und Chemie, insbesondere mit exzellenten Kenntnissen in

Quantenmechanik und statistischer Physik


Akademie Neubeuern