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Prof. Dr. Wanda Alberts

Professur für Religionswissenschaften, Universität Hannover

Prof. Tim Jensen

Study of Religions, University of Southern Denmark / General Secretary IAHR, The

International Association for the History of Religions



Religion in the Public Sphere

This working group starts from the premises of the discipline of the Study of Religions (



, as part of the social and cultural sciences), which studies religion and re-

ligions from a secular, non-confessional perspective. It is addressed to students from various

disciplines who are interested in studying different aspects of religion in the public sphere in

an internationally comparative perspective.

The first seminar provides an introduction to the basic theoretical and methodological is-

sues in the Study of Religions and shows recent developments in this discipline in Germany,

Europe and worldwide. The next seminars study different aspects of how religion is negoti-

ated in the public sphere, focusing on education, law and human rights in particular. The last

seminar compares different foci of the debate about Islam and the integration of Muslims in

European countries.

1. The Secular Study of Religions (


) – in Germany, Europe and beyond

2. Dynamics of Religion and Law – with a Particular Focus on Human Rights (with Prof. Dr.

Heiner Bielefeldt, Universität Erlangen)

3. Religion in Public Education (with Prof. Dr. Bengt-Ove Andreassen, Universitetet i Trom-

sø / Norway)

4. The Public Debate About Islam in European Countries


Geisteswissenschaftliches Kolleg VII