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Mission Statement

What we stand for

Excellence, Initiative, Responsibility: in line with these principles the Studienstiftung (German Academic Scholarship Foundation) supports young people with outstanding academic or artistic talents who can be expected to make an exceptional contribution to society. Driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, they demonstrate excellence in their studies and research, and act on their own initiative to generate ideas and put them into practice. They take responsibility for and engage with issues that go beyond their own immediate interests.   

Students are admitted to the Studienstiftung on the basis of their outstanding intellectual or artistic and creative skills, their dedication and intrinsic motivation, their social skills, wide-ranging extracurricular interests, and social commitment. We attach great importance to open and fair selection procedures. When assessing the potential of young people, we consider their achievements and commitment to both their studies and extra-mural activities in the light of their individual backgrounds.

The Studienstiftung is characterized by the diverse body of students we support, reflecting the entire spectrum of political, religious and ideological positions within the democratic system of values. We welcome lively and controversial discussion. We encourage our scholarship holders to adopt informed positions and to act in accordance with their convictions, whilst treating others with tolerance and respect and engaging with other points of view in a spirit of critical openness.

The students we support share a determination and enthusiasm for their subjects as well as for questions that transcend their own academic fields. They have the courage to take on intellectual and practical challenges and actively shape their own lives and the world in which they live, at the same time addressing questions and doubts that may arise and recognizing their own limitations. We support people from diverse personal and educational backgrounds. We place trust in the individuals we select, that they will develop their personal talents and use these in the service of society as a whole.

Our Scholarships

Enabling our scholars to benefit from intensive, in-depth educational opportunities and to view these opportunities as part of their overall personal development lies at the heart of our work. We support them in their academic and social endeavours and encourage them to develop and realize their own goals – with confidence, but also with composure and patience, both with themselves and others. They are accompanied in this process of development and reflection by the Studienstiftung’s personal tutors at their universities, as well as advisors in our offices in Bonn and Berlin, who support them throughout their studies or doctoral programmes. We also encourage scholars to network with each other and with the Studienstiftung’s alumni.

Opportunities for scientific and artistic study, cross-disciplinary dialogue, intellectual stimulation and the broadening of intellectual horizons are provided by summer schools, academic programmes, conferences for doctoral students and further educational opportunities. We encourage students to confront new ideas, engage in critical analysis and develop their own points of view. Wide-ranging financial support, language courses and advisory services allow our scholars to spend time abroad and to experience other cultures and ways of life. Seminars for professional development and mentoring programmes offered by our alumni provide them with guidance in preparing for life after university.

Our scholars also help shape the work of the Studienstiftung. They have opportunities to organize their own programmes at their universities, to hold seminars and arrange excursions; they receive organizational and financial support for these activities. Scholarship holders also elect their own representatives, who act as contacts for their peers in universities as well as for the Studienstiftung’s personal tutors and staff.

Our programmes provide space for ideas and encounters, for challenges and surprises, and for new ideas and projects. Funding for undergraduates, Ph.D. scholarships, and grants for study abroad help make all this possible.

Outstanding talents also imply responsibility: Responsibility for oneself, for others, and for the world in which we live. We encourage our scholarship holders to take on this responsibility and to use their talents to serve the common good. We place trust in their abilities, their commitment, and their sense of purpose. We support talent – for the benefit of our society.