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The Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes – German Academic Scholarship Foundation – awards scholarships to outstanding students, irrespective of their political, ideological or religious convictions and affiliations. In line with its statutes, it supports "the university education of young people who, on account of their exceptional academic or artistic talents and their personalities, can be expected to make an outstanding contribution to society as a whole".

The Studienstiftung was founded in Dresden in 1925, dissolved in 1934 and re-established as a registered association in Cologne in 1948. It is funded primarily by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Additional funding is provided by the federal states and local authorities. The Studienstiftung also cooperates on specific programmes with foundations and private organisations. Last but not least, its work is generously supported by donations and gifts from alumni and other private donors. The Studienstiftung currently supports around 13,900 students and 1,400 doctoral candidates, with approximately 2,000 new students and 280 doctoral candidates admitted every year. Funding is available for students studying for degrees in all accredited programmes and institutions of higher education.

The work of the Studienstiftung is guided by an elected executive board, a board of trustees and around 200 full-time members of staff at its head office in Bonn and in its Berlin office. A large number of academics, as well as alumni and partners from a wide spectrum of other professional contexts also contribute to the Studienstiftung on a voluntary basis – as personal tutors, as lecturers at summer schools, seminars and conferences and on selection committees.