Financial support

Financial support in Germany

The Studienstiftung offers generous financial support for Ph.D. students. Doctoral scholars receive € 1,450 a month, comprising a basic monthly stipend of € 1,350 and a research allowance of € 100 a month.

In addition, scholars can apply for a contribution towards the costs of health insurance, amounting to 50 % of documented costs to a maximum of € 100 a month. This contribution is available to scholars whose health insurance is not covered by employment (for example in research and teaching).

Family and childcare allowances are available for doctoral scholars. Further funding for childcare can be provided through a reallocation of scholarship funds from the final year of funding ("time for money").

Academic activities corresponding to 25% of a fulltime position may be pursued to supplement the scholarship in order to promote integration in the research context. More precisely, this means: Financial support is compatible with part-time employment either

  • if this activity constitutes no more than a quarter of a regular weekly workload and is pursued in an area of research and teaching at a university or non-university research institution


  • if the activity constitutes no more than one-eighth of a regular weekly workload and is any other form of gainful employment (e.g. in companies, university administration, non-academic institutions).

In both cases, the level of payment is irrelevant and will not be credited against the doctoral funding. For other income (e.g. from letting and leasing, pensions, investment income), a tax-free allowance of € 3,070 a year applies after deduction of payable income and church tax as well as expenses of a provident nature recognised under tax law, increasing by € 1,025 for each dependent child. Any further income must be credited against the financial support.

Funding for research and travel abroad

Doctoral scholars who travel abroad for research purposes, laboratory visits or to attend conferences can apply for grants for travel and additional living expenses.

Duration of funding

Funding is initially granted for two years. On application and subject to successful progress, the scholarship may be extended twice, for up to six months respectively. The maximum funding period is 36 months; for scholarship holders with children this period can be increased to 48 months. On the birth of a child during the funding period, mothers may extend their scholarships for a further three months to cover maternity leave. Previous periods of scholarship funding for the doctoral project will be deducted from the maximum funding period. A short-term suspension of funding is possible, for example during temporary employment in an academic position.